TVET Transformation

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Introducing TVET Focused Schools Initiative

At Anse Ger Secondary School we’ve always dared to dream big. For years, the vision of a TVET-focused school seemed just beyond our grasp. In a world where the educational horizon is ever-evolving, we believe in staying ahead of the curve. 

The TVET Unit at the Ministry of Education has embraced the global shift towards skill-based education and are committed to ensuring our students are not just learners, but doers. With support the Saint Lucia Human Capital Resilience Project (SLHCRP), the Ministry has embarked on an initiative to covert four existing secondary schools into TVET focused secondary schools.

A Purpose Driven Approach to Education

Embracing a purpose-driven approach to education means prioritizing hands-on skills and real-world applications. Through comprehensive processes and procedures, students are empowered with the acquisition of skills tailored to meet industry standards and boost employability.

As the landscape of occupations evolves, the commitment lies in ensuring students are not just prepared for jobs but are equipped with entrepreneurial spirits to lead and innovate.

Inclusivity remains at the core, offering every learner the opportunity to explore their career potential. Education is more than just learning; it’s about shaping futures, honing attitudes, and fostering dispositions geared towards a skill-rich world.

Anse Ger Student Trio

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